What is FilmCamp.TV?

We are a community of independent filmmakers that don’t pay lip-service to our love for cinema. We believe in making unique cinema rather than talking or dreaming about it. We also believe that one only gets better at filmmaking by keeping at it - honing the writing, preparing for the shoot and investing in the ed

In the context of new and emerging digital filmmaking/distribution technologies, we are setting out to create a community of filmmakers that includes everyone - the absolute novice to the innovative filmmaker. Our goal - tell more stories in a style we believe more suited for the 21st century. To this end, our activities include learning, producing and screening new Indian cinema.

Learning - That’s the beauty of this medium. There is no end to the learning. Each script presenting a fresh set of challenges calling for creative and collaborative solutions. In the face of constantly evolving technologies that support filmmaking, the filmmaker who doesn’t keep abreast, stagnates and fails to harness technology to tell a story better.

We begin with the lowest common denominator - the absolute novice to filmmaking. At our 1:1 workshops, we dispel the myth that filmmaking is an esoteric craft by getting participants to make one-minute films in one-day.

On the other end of the spectrum is the FilmCamp.TV Academy. Here we train a new breed of filmmakers that will be true authors of their work - filmmakers who will write, shoot and edit their films. They will learn quick, hands-on, crafting their films and collaborating in small focused teams where each filmmaker wears many hats.

Produce - Every filmmaker is itching to make a film. We  understand that and invite collaborations based (entirely) on scripts that explore stories not seen on TV or Indian commercial cinema. That doesn’t mean we make ‘art’ cinema or an intellectually stylized cinema.

We love telling a good story, especially emotional ones as long as they don’t ring fake. If it’s never been done before, you can be sure we’d be making it, especially if it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our current focus is shorts, 3-4 minutes in length. If one can narrate something sweet in a few minutes, the feature is round the corner.

Screen - We are essentially a community - online and offline. Our online library of short films made at workshops has just crossed 50 and growing. We will soon be launching our own productions that will aim at making a short film a day.

While we do screen films on FilmCamp.TV, we are truly what our name suggests we are - FilmCampers. We camp out to make and watch films made by fellow Campers. Don’t expect to see us in your neighborhood multiplex, at least in the immediate. A projector and screen in an open field under a star-filled night sky surrounded by insect sounds and nature is more our style. Become a member of FilmCamp, take a workshop and join us at a screening. You’ll find we’re fun to hang with. No alcohol or narcotics allowed at screenings.


Fiercely independent,

uncompromisingly original.

You’ve read it right. That’s who we are. No content on this website has been stolen, unethically or illegally acquired.

We shoot our own stuff. Films screened here are produced under the auspices of our workshops using our equipment, tutelage and guidance. The music for our productions is composed or created using royalty free music. FilmCamp.TV productions are scripted, resourced and funded by ourselves for which we own the rights.

We never copy anybody. Why should we? We’re pretty intelligent and creative people. Truly, we are our own competition. Our constant strife is, and will always be, to be uncompromisingly original.

We currently fund ourselves. That’s how independent we are - answerable only to our consciences.

Sounds like a dream? Not to us it doesn’t. All power to the filmmaker. All power to you. Thank you.

Sanjay Nambiar