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Anybody can learn to make a film. FilmCamp.TV has proved that through its varied film teaching programs. Individuals from children to the retired, from the artistically endowed to the physically challenged have made films at our workshops. Pick a filmmaking course or workshop that suits your interests and needs.

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Building the filmmaker of tomorrow...

FilmCamp.TV Academy is based on the philosophy that teaching filmmaking must be done in the context of making films. All learning, in filmmaking, happens only during the making. At the Academy, that is what serious pursuants of the art do. They learn to make professional-grade films.

With the advent of digital filmmaking, key aspects of film production and editing have been simplified by technology. Filmmakers can now be true and complete authors of their work. The academy is tailored to get you there.  Read more...

The Academy - Mission and Courses

Academy Courses: * The Rookie * The Contender * The Pro

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Workshops for adults and children