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Building the filmmaker of tomorrow...

FilmCamp.TV Academy is based on the philosophy that teaching filmmaking must be done in the context of making films. All learning, in filmmaking, happens only during the making. At the Academy, that is what serious pursuants of filmmaking do. They make professional grade films.

With the advent of digital filmmaking, key aspects of film production and editing have been simplified by technology. Filmmakers can now be true and complete authors of their work. The academy is tailored to get you there. 

FilmCamp.TV Academy teaches writing, shooting and editing of films as an integrated whole. Students are trained to attain overall mastery over these disciplines with the goal of better influencing the films they make and telling stories better.

At the Academy, each student will mandatorily write a script, shoot that script and edit it to make a film in each course.


Courses are structured in 3 levels of increasing complexity - The Rookie, The Contender and The Pro. Each level delves deeper into key aspects of the filmmaking craft and relevant technology.

Courses are tailored to provide theory followed immediately by practical training. Students are expected to apply what they learn directly to the films they make. The method is very structured and aimed at simplifying filmmaking to its essentials.

The Teacher: The chief-instructor of the Academy is Sanjay Nambiar, a feature filmmaker who learned, taught and made films in the United States since 1994. Sanjay’s first feature film, Yanam, won the Kerala Film Critics Special Jury Award in 2004. As a writer, cinematographer, director and editor, this unique film teaching method is developed from his filmmaking and teaching experiences in the US and India.                                                  

Salient aspects of all courses:

  1. Small classroom size; 8-10 students

  2. All students write, shoot and edit a film

  3. Instruction is interactive and personal

  4. Screening of clips from Hollywood films

  5. All theory is followed by a practical

  6. Students trained to handle all equipment

  7. They will use all equipment themselves

  8. Students assigned different crew roles

  9. Participation in shoots is mandatory

  10. Instructor present at all times, including at shoots

The classroom size is small; 8-10 students. Instruction is interactive, personal and hands-on with the instructor present at every phase. Clips from Hollywood films will be shown to illustrate various aspects of filmmaking. The teamwork culture and work ethic inculcated in students is also very akin to professional standards in Hollywood.

The instructor will also be present during the shooting of all films. This is in keeping with the FilmCamp.TV’s philosophy wherein the real learning happens during the making. Participation and attendance in assigned crew roles, during the shooting of all films, is mandatory for students. Students must come prepared for shoots.

Equipment and technology employed in teaching is professional-grade and meets industry broadcasts standards. Students are trained to handle all equipment and will personally use them in making their films. Graduating from one level to the next depends on the student’s growth. This is reflected in the films they make, their attitude to filmmaking and their dedication towards honing their skills.

Contact (click address for map): 94/5 8th Main, Jayanagar 2nd Block, Bangalore, 560011, India.

mobile: +91 96118 12121, land: +91 080 2657 1547  | e-mail: | URL:

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