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Sanjay Nambiar: A filmmaker who trained and taught filmmaking in Chicago and Los Angeles, Sanjay brings to FilmCamp.TV the philosophy and hands-on method professed and showcased on this site. Sanjay is a feature film director, writer, cinematographer, editor, producer and teacher of filmmaking. Sanjay's feature film Yanam won the Kerala Film Critics Special Jury Award for Yanam in 2004.

Sanjay studied 16mm filmmaking in the United States under Jim Taylor at The Community Film Workshop (CFW), Chicago in 1993. For a time, he also served as an instructor at CFW, helping students at film shoots. He has worked in several crew positions from key grip and boom-pole operator to cinematographer on several films in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Sanjay’s first film, Dance Celestial, was an hour-long documentary on Bharatanatyam in the United States which he wrote, directed, shot and edited on 16mm film in 1996. Coming from a background in celluloid (Kodak) film Sanjay applies the rigor and professionalism of old-style filmmaking, as practiced in the United States, to the modern digital filmmaking context in India.


As a writer and filmmaker who considers cinema an extension of literature, Sanjay writes the scripts he makes into films. Sanjay also edits the footage he shoots. The FilmCamp.TV Academy and its professed philosophy of building the filmmaker who is true author of his work has evolved from of his writing, shooting and editing experiences in the United States.

A mathematician who studied in India, Russia and the US, Sanjay has also worked as a software engineer for major companies in the US. He firmly believes in the usage of the internet and mobile phones as the future channel of distribution for independent and innovative cinema.

The creation of innovative cinema in India is tied to grooming a new breed of filmmakers who are trained from the ground up - to write, shoot, produce and edit the new way. Hence FilmCamp.TV’s three areas of focus: Learn, Produce and Screen.

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