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We are a community of independent filmmakers that don’t pay lip-service to our love for cinema. We believe in making unique cinema rather than talking or dreaming about it. We also believe that one only gets better at filmmaking by keeping at it - honing the writing, preparing for the shoot and investing in the edit.

In the context of new and emerging digital filmmaking/distribution technologies, we are setting out to create a community of filmmakers that includes everyone - the absolute novice to the innovative filmmaker. Our goal - tell more stories in a style we believe more suited for the 21st century. To this end, our activities include learning, producing and screening new Indian cinema.


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Sanjay Nambiar





Participants of FilmCamp.TV’s 1:1 workshop now have an opportunity to put to use their newly-acquired filmmaking skills. The Grassroot Filmmakers Grant is aimed at

aiding 1:1 filmmakers make more films using FilmCamp.TV’s resources and community. 
Use of FilmCamp.TV's camera 
Use of FilmCamp.TV's editing facility 
Screening of films on FilmCamp.TV        

FilmCamp.TV is producing a series of episodic short films.We are looking for trained actors and actresses to fill several key-roles for these films.

Junior FilmCamp is underway. 11 children between the ages 9-16 are learning to make film. Sanjay Nambiar blogs about the 6 sessions of the workshop.

FilmCamp.TV offers Junior FilmCamp, a summer workshop for children. This workshop takes place over two weeks.  This workshop is entirely outdoors in a park.

Want to break the shackles of conformity and get your employees to think out of the box? We've got just the activity. Fillmmaking!

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