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A showcase of films made by children 9-16 years of age. This is a 20 hr. workshop. Children are taught the fundamentals of filmmaking and provided hands-on instruction on how to use all equipment. All flms are shot in under 3 hrs. Script-writing, the shooting and the edit is performed by children themselves.


The Academy Films are made by students of FilmCamp.TV engaged in the pursuit of perfecting the art and craft. Expect to find innovative writing, shooting, editing and sound mixing styles.

A showcase of films produced by FIlmCamp.TV. Films are short narratives and deal with themes that are not explored in traditional media. They are aimed at providing new perspectives to Indian life and experiences - what we call new Indian cinema. Well written scripts are celebrated and innovative editing (both sound and music) are worshipped.


A showcase of 1:1 Workshop Films made by participants in a day. Participants are usually novices to filmmaking. They work in groups writing, story-boarding and planning their films in the morning. They set out to shoot in the afternoon under the supervision of instructors. By sun-down, they have edited films.


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