The Grassroot Filmmakers Grant

Participants of FilmCamp.TV’s 1:1 workshop now have a unique opportunity to put to use their newly-acquired filmmaking skills. The Grassroot Filmmakers Grant is aimed at aiding 1:1 filmmakers build their skills by using the FilmCamp.TV’s community and resources to make more films.

The Grassroots Filmmakers Grants offers the following equipment/facilities to FilmCamp.TV members:

  1. Use of FilmCamp.TV's camera (Sony DCR-HC28E)

  2. Use of FilmCamp.TV's editing facility (Final Cut Express on a Mac)

  3. Screening of completed films by FilmCamp.TV (online and offline)


The following are requirements for submission/approval of the grant:

  1. The grant is offered only to FilmCamp.TV members. Participants of FilmCamp.TV's 1:1 workshop qualify as members.

  2. The grant is offered only against submission of a treatment, script and storyboard.

  3. Treatments/scripts approved will be for a short film not exceeding two minutes

  4. Films must be shot in a day. The camera is offered for that day (must be scheduled).

  5. Editing facility is offered for 3 hours (must be scheduled)

  6. All 1:1 Filmmaking Workshop rules apply (in the interest of timely completion of the film)

  7. The grantee filmmaker will invite and collaborate with fellow FilmCamp.TV members to serve production crew roles to make the film.

  8. The completed film will be a FIlmCamp.TV production and will be screened on the website and at FilmCamp.TV screenings.


So there you go fellow FilmCampers. All the help, support and community you can possibly get to help you embark on your next short film project.

FilmCamp.TV has empowered you with the basic skills to make a film. Now its up to you to put it to good use and take your skill to the next level. So put that pen to paper and let’s see some treatments.

Email treatments/scripts/storyboard to: